Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Blast From The Past

I have been updating many of the profiles for the different sites I use and while working on my Google profile I did a search and came across one of my first websites. I began this site in late 1996 and I quit updating it in 1998. Back then I was trying to build myself up online as a fine artist. I put a lot of effort into hand coding this site in notepad and making what I thought at the time a good site. After running through it though, I can't believe I ever published it.

So, I have a dilemma of sorts. I like it being as is for personal history, the place I got my start online, etc. My problem with it is the site comes up in the top ten Google search for my name. I could possibly change it and get new traffic from the old site. So, my question to you is do I change it or do I leave it be and let it stay personal history? Or, as a third option, leave it pretty much like it is just update it to today's Internet standards, keeping the same theme and adding new works to the gallery?

My final problem with all of this is the site is hosted on the free account site They have these big advertisement banners on top and bottom of every page. I think I could redesign the site and make it look pretty good, add some functionality to it, update all the info and works, and make an interesting gallery site for my fine art. But, I would have to deal with those banners, they are large and in charge. Another small problem is the link on google leads to the old URL system on not the newer system so they could drop the old directory system sometime and I would loose the rank advantage of Google. Anyhow, if you wish to check it out head on over to Tijir's Art Gallery.


Raymond said...

It's a tough call:

How many sites do you have "out there"?? This is a site you worked on for two years, but haven't done anything with for 11 years. While it may have a high ranking, have you gotten any response from it??

Ask yourself whether it reflects who you are NOW . . .

Unknown said...

I really have no idea what kind of click through numbers this site gets, I do not believe I had any kind of stat tracking installed.

As for sites, I have had many different sites. But this was a decade ago and they were all on those "free hosting sites" that mostly failed and vanished. I was trying out many different approaches at the time to earn a living for myself without having a boss, time cock, etc.

The work on the site still exists and I could add much more to it. I have had ten years after all. ;) I just don't know that I want a free site with huge banners and pop up windows to represent me now.

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