Friday, April 10, 2009

#followfriday Link Luv for April 10, 2009

I have been thinking about this throughout the day and I have decided to combine commenter link luv with Twitter #followfriday. So, I will be posting my commenters links and my recommendations for Twitter each Friday in one post.

This week I had one lone commenter, Eric Miltsch, from a site about the virtues of buying used cars. The blog is much more that just about used cars though, Eric has posted links to articles about automobiles then adds his own thoughts about the articles.

On Twitter this week, I recommend the following people to follow:

  • @murnahan - Social Media Marketing, friendly and tweets good links.
  • @DesiznTech - Web Designer, friendly and tweets good design tutorial links.
  • @knikkolette - Artist and Interior Designer, friendly and tweets interesting links.
  • @bkmacdaddy - Web and Graphic Designer, friendly tweets.
  • @katharnavas - Web and App Developer, tweets interesting links.
  • @weblittlepieces - Service, tweets interesting links.
  • @patternhead - Website, tweets designer resources.
  • @murdamw - Website, tweets interesting iPhone resources.
  • @Poage_Photo - Photographer, friendly and interesting tweets.
  • @AddanacCity - Web Comic Artist, following Addanac City antics.
So there you have it. #followfriday Link Luv from Oh, before I go I am testing a new footer in my RSS feed, if anything looks out of place in the RSS reader you use let me know and I will adjust it as needed. Thanks for reading the site and entertaining me on Twitter!


Eric Miltsch said...


Nice job following up each individual challenge with a post & your own comments.

Thanks for the mention as well.


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